Claudine Fyfe,

LL.B., LL.M.
President and Founder
Supply Strategy and Business Development Advisor
Claudine holds a bachelor's degree in Law (LL.B.) and a master’s degree in Economic and Financial Law (LL.M.) from Laval University. She is a member of the Barreau du Québec.
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After practicing law for almost 10 years, Claudine launched her career in strategic sourcing. Her 25+ years of experience in this field as a senior executive in large companies has been marked by ongoing achievements and successes. Her commitment and dynamism have allowed her to lead international teams and add considerable value to numerous organizations.

Areas of Expertise 

  • Development and implementation of cost optimization strategies

  • Implementation of energy risk management programs

  • Supervision of complex contract negotiations

  • Improving the sustainable profitability of global companies


  • Claudine has put in place a new global supply model involving the active participation of multidisciplinary teams. She enables multinational manufacturing companies to realize significant savings and standardize their purchasing process.

  • She has also been actively involved in the implementation of SNC-Lavalin’s compliance and governance program.


Main Industries

  • Transport

  • Telecommunications

  • Manufacturing production

  • Engineering

The advantages of working with Claudine

  • She mobilizes and changes environments that are typically resistant to change.

  • She contributes specifically to the integration of sound commercial practices. She relies on policies and tools designed to optimize activities related to the purchase and management of operational and contractual risks.

  • She is a sought-after speaker on supply practices. In particular, she has given lectures on best practices and procurement ethics:

    • Optimizing supply processes

    • Strategic supply practices as a key for success

    • Tools and strategies to position yourself as a supplier

Article "Sa vie après SNC-Lavalin" - Journal de Montreal, juillet 2018. Lire l'article   |   Mme Fyfe est marraine pour le concours du 7 novembre prochain. Plus d'information