Our Expertise - Your Profit

You are a buyer, but you are also a seller.
Your purchases are up, but your sales are stagnating.
So you’re Googling the question: “How can I increase my profitability?”

While Google will simply instruct you to sell more, we will teach you how to improve the management of your operations, maximize your actions, and optimize your spend.

You will finally ask the right questions:

How can I improve my competitive advantage?

How do I select the best suppliers?

Which categories of purchases should be prioritized?

How can I best organize my purchases, and address the issues of ethics and sustainable development?

How to calculate my realized gains?

...and we will help to find the right answers.

Each company has its own unique profile, and that’s why we offer custom-made support approaches that are adapted to your specific needs and constraints. We can participate in each phase of your transformation, as well as in your project as a whole.


Stages of Transformation

Every champion needs a coach in order to win the gold one day.

Why not do the same?

Our role is to help you to implement changes within your company, so that you can achieve better financial results.

Phase 1

The Diagnosis


Understand where you are

• Operational Analysis and Mapping of your spend
• Assessment of potential supplier portfolios
• Analysis of existing tools and process

Identify where you want to be

• Evaluation of the development opportunities for the purchasing function
• Analysis of the company’s needs
• Market research and competition analysis
• Definition of objectives
• for improvement of margin and processes efficiency





Define how to get there

• Development of the roadmap to achieve the transformation
• Define actions by order of priority
• Enhance Procure-to-Pay Processes (P2P)
• Define a sourcing strategy
• Develop a logistics strategy

Take action

• Define the schedule of the transformation plan
• Implementation of the transformation plan
• Develop a risk management practice
• Establish a performance evaluation mechanism
• Develop a change management strategy





Evaluate your actions

• Analyze your performance
• Measure and adapt the existing solutions
• Update resource training


Our Areas of Expertise