Our strategic partnerships

In order to best respond to the needs of our clients, whose level of maturity in the procurement function varies significantly, we have created strategic alliance with key partner who, through their experience, know-how, and specialized tools, complement the services offered by Fynlam. This partnership is an addition to the exceptional experience of the company’s founding partners.

EIPM (European Institute of Procurement Management)

EIPM was founded over 30 years ago by leading European companies such as Alcatel, Aérospatiale, Nokia, Phillips, Renault, Pechiney, Hoechst, and others, in partnership with the European Commission, the Department of Haute-Savoie and the Rhône-Alpes region. The objective was to create an executive training institute and a procurement training center. EIPM is therefore a pioneer in procurement training in Europe and the leading educational (education, research and training) institute in strategic procurement and supply chain management.

EIPM has a global presence with two campuses, in Geneva and Shanghai, and through its programs and partnerships in Brazil, Canada (with Fynlam), India, Mexico, Poland, and the United States.

Today, through its various programs, EIPM trains and educates more than 4,000 procurement professionals annually, in nine different languages.

EIPM’s tools support the services Fynlam offers in procurement maturity and skill assessment and provide all of our clients with cutting-edge virtual training solutions.

KLB Group

The operational consulting firm KLB Group is an international specialist in project implementation, present in more than 42 countries with more than 750 employees.

KLB provides Fynlam with specialized procurement resources when deploying major solutions for specific clients.

SOA (Source of Asia) with headquarters in Vietnam

SOA is one of Fynlam’s strategic partners. It is the extension of the services we provide in the ASEAN (or Southeast Asia) area. SOA’s expertise stands out in two main sectors. The first concerns sourcing, including finding and managing Asian suppliers for clients wishing to diversify their supply sources in this region. In partnership with SOA, we have carried out projects to study the viability and profitability of importing products from Asia.

SOA’s second area of expertise is the support of market development efforts of entrepreneurs who intend to export to Vietnam and other countries in this region.


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