Customized Training

Customized Training

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We deliver world-class training These trainings focus on specific topics and help propel your purchasing function to a higher level.

We give you the opportunity to hone your knowledge and develop the skills within your company to meet your business goals.

You will be able to use the most powerful tools, use a flawless methodology, and apply global best practices in supply and logistics.

Our courses are offered in practical modules of the Learn & Go variety, which allows trainees to complete a module for each day of training and to apply the new concepts at work the very next day. An e-learning platform is available to participants in order to better prepare themselves and provide them with material related to the topics to be discussed.


Examples of the training we offer:

• Introduction to Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
• Principles of a negotiation (preparation)
• Role of upstream purchases (S2C)
• Introduction to cost breakdown
• Introduction to total cost of ownership

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