Procurement Strategy and Operational Support

Procurement Strategy and Operational Support

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We diagnose your purchasing transactions to define your buyer profile and establish your purchasing power in the market. We increase your supply performance, using a bespoke sourcing strategy and offering a better categorization of your purchases in products and services.

We identify alternative sources that reduce costs and bring the desired changes. We build real, winning partnerships, compete for key purchases, and explore new markets. We consolidate your supplier base for better performance and the sound management of your contracts. We develop an optimal negotiation strategy.

In the context of transformation, we are your allies. We guide you through every step associated with your project. We have the reflexes to react quickly in case of problematic situations, and we certainly have the know-how to prevent them.

Our experience, our agility, and our desire to see you succeed are the 3 key elements playing in your favor.
We will be happy to share our know-how with you.