We have solutions to optimize your spend

Turn your purchases into a procurement strategy

Does your purchasing function allow you to achieve your strategic goals ?

Fynlam can help you figure things out

Procurement is an important strategic link in your business profitability. Fynlam offers concrete solutions to improve your upstream processes, implement efficient management tools, and train your teams in current best practices. This will help you get the most out of your supply chain.

Cost analysis

Take a closer look at your suppliers, logistics and large volume of data in order to understand the overall cost of your purchases.

Process efficiency

Measure the performance of your company’s purchasing function with our industry-leading tools.

Purchasing skills

Gain a detailed understanding of your team’s strengths and weaknesses with our skills assessment solution.


Equip your team! Benefit from customizable training modules on purchasing and supply management.

Strategic support

We support you through all stages of your purchasing function development to ensure the highest return on your investment.

Supply: a strategic advantage

Our expertise: optimizing every facet of your supply chain with concrete solutions and proactive listening, no matter the maturity level of your business.

Step 1: Planning

Expenses mapping and analysis of performance indicators to conclude a precise and objective diagnosis.

Step 3: Transition

Training and quantification of the solutions implemented to ensure the soundness of your strategies.

Step 2: Execution

Transformation of your operational activities through the implementation of a procurement strategy.

Step 4: Resource loan

Staff shortage? In collaboration with our partners, we provide specialized resources in outsourcing.

Gain a competitive and profitable advantage

Optimizing all stages of your procurement process ensures that money is not wasted.


Receive tips from us for a robust supply chain!

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