Cost analysis

The best price is not always the best cost!

Categorize for a better understanding

A well-considered and dynamic categorization of your suppliers is a priority and an essential step towards improving your profit margins. Upstream in your supply chain, a better understanding of your suppliers and performance indicators has a significant impact on several aspects of your business, including liquidity, the cost of operations, and the productivity of your team.

Once your operations have been scrutinized, you will gain efficiency and visibility on your expenses.

Optimize your spend, be more efficient

Using the latest technologies, our digital purchasing analytics solution enables the continuous and real-time review of large volumes of data. Its interactive dashboard, organized by categories, suppliers, number of transactions, and other metrics, can identify:

  • Better business prospects with your suppliers;
  • Opportunities to increase the efficiency and speed of processing your transactions;
  • Possibilities for optimizing margins;
  • Potential savings resulting from the reduction of the overall cost;
  • Automation opportunities.

Any questions? We have the answers.

Thanks to an in-depth analysis of costs and their segmentation, you pinpoint opportunities to optimize the company’s purchases and therefore prioritize the areas of reduction that will bring you the most benefits.

By categorizing them according to risk potential, strategic contribution, innovation, cost, quality, etc., you can simplify management, optimize costs, gain leverage to ensure your growth, and manage unforeseen events.

By taking into account the industry, geographic location, and types of products offered by suppliers, we can identify the risks related to your social and environmental responsibility.

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Strategic support

We support you through all stages of your purchasing function development to ensure the highest return on your investment.

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