Skills of the purchasing team

Build purchasing skills across all aspects of the supply chain

For a competent and efficient purchasing team

Do you have a strong potential for strategic sourcing on your team? Would you like them to improve their skills and become real levers for cost reduction in your business?

Whether it’s integrating new talent, supporting a recently promoted employee, integrating a culture based on autonomy, or helping your team shift from an administrative role to a strategic role, the first step is the assessment of their skills.

A qualified team: the backbone of your purchasing strategy

For a full picture of the know-how acquired and to develop your resources, opt for a flexible and secure online assessment process. The “BEE-Resources” tool from our partner EIPM measures the skills required for 18 standard procurement job profiles, affecting more than 47 activities and 55 distinct skills.

In addition, you will find detailed individual or consolidated assessment reports for the team, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the strengths and skills required to develop from your buyers, establishing a training plan adapted to the priorities of your organization, and increasing the maturity and strategic performance of your purchases.

Have questions? We have answers.

To accurately identify the needs of each resource and present the necessary training, aligned with the strategic objectives of the company. This will save you time and money.

By integrating new knowledge and best practices related to procurement, in addition to abandoning certain tasks to automation, your team will be able to take care of value-added functions, such as cost analysis, negotiation with suppliers, and changing processes.

Fynlam solutions

Cost analysis

Perform an assessment of your suppliers, your logistics, and large volumes of data in order to understand the overall cost of your purchases.

Process efficiency

Measure the performance of your company’s purchasing function with our industry-leading tools.


Equip your team! Benefit from our customizable training modules on purchasing and procurement management.

Personalized support

We support you through all stages of your purchasing function development to ensure the highest return on your investment.

Assess the skills of your purchasing team

Your team is an essential link in your supply chain and deserves to be optimized as well.


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