High yield purchasing process

Mastering sourcing to create value

Robust and agile procurement processes

Now more than ever, business procurement processes are being put to the test. Scarcity of raw materials, diversification of suppliers, rising prices, negotiation of contracts, inventory management, complex logistics, international sourcing, are all variables and unforeseen factors that influence the performance of your business and that of your purchasing team.

Be proactive rather than reactive. Rigorously measure the maturity, robustness, and agility of your purchasing function. Streamline the process from needs assessment to contract completion and regularly assess the value and performance of key contracts.

Optimization: an ongoing task

In addition to integrating best practices and increasing the competitiveness of your business, our solutions open up new horizons for you.

Toward the automation of your processes

Our advanced technological tools measure the performance of your purchasing processes and assess their alignment with your business strategy. You will have at your disposal:

  • An evaluation grid identifying the gaps between the current processes and the expected processes;
  • A dashboard evaluating the purchasing maturity of your business;
  • Mapping of the processes to be improved and a personalized roadmap;
  • Markup from similar organizations (benchmarks);
  • The potential for automation of low-value added operations.

From Source to Contract to Procure to Pay

Upstream and downstream, bring more fluidity and visibility to all of your Source-to-Pay processes. Not only will you gain in terms of efficiency and savings, but you will ensure your team has a flow of communication essential to the smooth running of your purchasing function.

Any questions? We have the answers.

When choosing your suppliers, look beyond calls for tenders: can they keep up with your growth? Are they using new technologies? Make sure you meet your needs by choosing partners who will grow with you.

Absolutely. In addition to recommending the automation of certain tasks, we help you create a catalogue of pre-approved suppliers to delegate responsibilities within an established framework.

With our experience in overseas sourcing and the current state of international trade, our solutions analyze the global market to implement the most profitable and sustainable strategy.

Yes! We are able to analyze the social and environmental impacts of your processes and logistics in relation to your corporate objectives. We can therefore have a clear idea of the actions you can take to reduce your environmental footprint while maintaining your strategic business ties.

Fynlam solutions

Cost analysis

Perform an assessment of your suppliers, your logistics, and extensive data to understand the overall cost of your purchases.

Purchasing skills

Have the facts of your team’s strengths and weaknesses with our skills assessment solution.


Equip your team! Benefit from personalized training modules on purchasing and supply management.

Strategic support

We support you through all stages of your purchasing function development to ensure the highest return on your investment.

Ready to put your processes to the test?

Stop wasting time and money. Ask us how to transform your purchases into value creation for your business today.


Receive tips from us for a robust supply chain!

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