Standardization as a purchasing lever : not to be underestimated!

Standardization is an optimization technique used in all disciplines. In a purchasing context, “standardizing” means adopting common internal specifications or processes in order to optimize the price and consumption of externally available products and / or services.

How to proceed:

  1. Define standard and common components / processes for the entire organization
  2. Select components that match the standards available from the suppliers in your market and avoid the development of single specifications which usually generates a higher cost. Do not reinvent the wheel!
  3. Establish catalogs accessible to internal users, with item references accepted by the organization from pre-approved suppliers.

Main benefits of standardization:

  1. Reduced technical complexity, which positively impacts product / service costs and simplifies maintenance activities
  2. Improved production and quality indicators
  3. Economies of scale due to the consolidation and massification of purchases

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